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MyCrashMD was created to improve the quality and convenience of healthcare for individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents. Our expertise is healthcare and we believe that your first call after an accident should be to a qualified healthcare provider, NOT an attorney. Contacting a healthcare provider like those available at MyCrashMD will allow you to conveniently discuss your symptoms and feel confident that our focus is getting YOU the care you deserve. We feel a change in the current standard was needed. If you become a legal case,calling an attorney before a healthcare professional may hurt your case. We can help!


Call a Personal Injury Doctor Before a Personal Injury Attorney with

When you find yourself in a car crash, your first instinct is to check for injuries. Typically, life-threatening injuries are noticeable, and you will know whether or not you need to get to a hospital. Broken bones, dislocations, and excessive bleeding are signs to call 911 for immediate medical attention, but smaller injuries do not often have such obvious signs. If you experience minor injuries from a crash, a trip to the emergency room could cost you upwards of $7,000 per day. So what should you do if you find yourself with a non-life-threatening injury from an accident?


If you, like many Americans, watch TV or listen to the radio, you’ll hear the misguided advice to call a personal injury attorney or car accident attorney after an accident. Calling any kind of crash attorney before addressing your injuries, however, could put you in a situation where you lose money. Accident attorneys want your business as soon you get into an accident, but calling a personal injury attorney should never be your first priority. Your health should be your first priority.


In Florida, victims of a car accident have 14 days to seek medical attention for related injuries. Even small pains that occur a full day after a car accident can drastically worsen over time if they remain untreated. After 14 days, your personal injury insurance benefits disappear, and you could be left with bills that would have been covered if you had seen a doctor. Hiring a personal injury attorney or any accident attorneys could take several days before there is movement on your case, which could inadvertently put you in financial trouble that could have been easily avoided.


MyCrashMD will set you up with an injury doctor as soon as possible, without the financial constraints of a pricey emergency room visit. Our mobile-based service provides you with your very own crash doctor to follow you wherever you go. If you find yourself in an accident, using MyCrashMD will be able to help diagnose your systems with a trusted personal injury doctor who can provide instantaneous results. Our goal is to offer healthcare to all individuals who find themselves in an accident to eliminate the pressure of the 14-day rule for Florida drivers. A personal injury doctor can conference with you on your phone or mobile device to give you the information you need to move forward after an accident. A personal injury attorney oftentimes cannot offer the same level of convenience, which means contacting a car accident attorney can lead to unwanted time wasted before seeing an important personal injury doctor.


The personal injury doctor provided by MyCrashMD expedites the process of getting your accident resolved exponentially. You will waste no time in the office of a personal injury attorney or emergency room. You will waste no time in finding the right personal injury attorney or in-patient personal injury doctor around town. With MyCrashMD, your very own crash doctor will give you immediate attention, even on the side of the road after a car accident. Your first instinct should not be to call a personal injury attorney. Instead, your first instinct should be to call your very own personal injury doctor with MyCrashMD, because your health comes first.

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